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Abassi Hi Power Boxes and Amps


Abassi features;

This sound system is custom built and has 12 kw effective amplification power
Bass - custom amplification (8kw), 12 x custom built scoop cabinets each containing a 600w precision device driver PD186
Mid range – 2 x C audio amplification (2kw), 4 x JBL cabinets, each containing 2 x 500w JBL 12” drivers
Treble – Crown (1kw), 4 x JBL cabinets each containing 1x 2” flared driver, 4 x custom cabinets each containing 4 x Motorola 1”piezo drivers
2 x cabs loaded with 9 x piezo tweeter
Extra equipment
2 x Technics 1210 record decks
2 x pioneer CD player
1 x Sony MD player
1 x Tascam DAT player
1 x Vestax 4 channel Dj mixer
1 x Allen and Heath Xone V62 mixer
1 x dbx 234 xl crossover unit
multiple delay and fx units
Custom built crossover/parametric and graphic equaliser (Jah Tubby – London)