Battered - Ism - CD/ Double LP


The one and only long playing release on the Category One label features the liverpudlian breakbeat mayhem of Ism - a fantastic live band comprosed of 5 lads from Liverpool. The band sadly split up shortly after the release of this debut album so it remains a rare treaure alongside the two EPs that were released featuring tracks from the album plus remixes - 'Come Alive' (CO12001) and 'Injecta' (CO12002)

Tracklist and Credits

1) Injecta
2) Kung Fu Boogie
3) Freaky Whammy
4) Trouble
5) Job Seekers Agreement
6) Create
7) Monster
8) Come Alive
9) Orange Box

Come Alive features Mr Gee, Kung Fu Boogie features Lisa Boogie.
All songs written and recorded at the recovery room, mixed and produced at the secret location except kung fu boogie and freaky whammy which were produced at the recovery room.

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Ism except come alive which was written by ism and mr gee and kung fu boogie which ws written by Ism and Lisa boogie

Ism are Barrett/Beveridge/Cook/Cooke/Hollands