The Inspirational Sounds Of - Muslimgauze - CD


Compiled for Universal Egg by Dave Tench in 2000 - a collection from the prolific work of Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze.
Bryn says.....
'I was first interested in Faust, Can, punk, industrial then Arabic and Indian music. The punk explosion planted a seed which later I used to make music. From my head, with my hands, I create a track. I try to have the final track basic, raw, keeping the track as much a rough idea as possible. I always work on reel to reel machines, adding sounds - bounce to DAT, back again, adding, trying things out. The first project was Eg Oblique graph which developed into Muslimgauze during Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Muslimgauze does not express the muslim ideology. Muslimgauze is mainly a group from Manchester influenced by worldwide politics, the situation in Palestine and the PLO. Muslimgauze does not try to be recognised or accepted by the Islamic people. Music is open to all.

On December 8th 1998 Bryn was rushed to hospital and he passed away on January 14 1999.

Tracklist and Credits

1) An end
2) Azzazin II
3) Fatah Guerilla
4) Guilded Gulag Mind-er
5) Hakem Alkimi
6) Hamman Jackal
7) Hudood Ordinance
8) Muslims Die India
9) Najibullah Headless
10)Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie
11)Shimmer Then Disappear II
12)Shisla Nain Royal Bidjar
13)The Sari of Cholera

all tracks are created by Bryn Jones and used with the permission of Staalplaat and Soleilmoon