Reachout - Headmix - CD


Headmix (now split up) were acclaimed as the best festival band, behind Zion Train, for years in the UK - their eclectic mix of instruments and their raw stage energy were amazing and they could be seen playing literally anywhere they could, up and down the UK - an inspiration. This CD is their first (and probably last) professional studio recording. It was recorded at the Metway studio, Brighton, produced by Al Scott with executive production by Zion Train.

' so that hope becomes as broad as the horizon afar, reiterated by every leaf, sung on every bough, reflected in the gleam of every flower,. There is so much for us yet to come, so much to be gathered and enjoyed' - the pageant of summer, Richard Jeffries 1914.

Tracklist and Credits

1) This Nation's Pride
2) Reach Out
3) History
4) Spiralling
5) Move Yourself
6) Numbers
7) Birthrites
8) Hanah
9) Re-evolution
10)One Family

all tracks written by headmix/cod except 1,3,4 and 8 written by headmix. Track 3 includes a traditional Bulgarian melody arranged by headmix, track 8 includes traditonal klezmer and Balkan melodies arranged by headmix.

headmix are
dougy - drums
ed - bass
nuala - violin, burmese phono fiddle, mandola, accordian, backing vocals
sarah - vocals, melodica, bagpipes, whistle
tomo - electric guitar
tony - digeridoo

additional musicians;
dave - trumpet
chris - trombone
richard - flute, saxophone
emma - cello
richard - acoustic guitar, harp, tabla
marcus - electric guitar
al - electric guitar
molara - backing vocals
perch - fx