Power Two - Zion Train Featuring Molara 12" and 7"


Recorded in Zion Train's London based Wibbly Wobbly World of Music studio in 1992, Power Two was when Molara first met Zion Train. The tune was originally pressed on 12" vinyl at 33rpm which was a rareity in those days and was the impetus for Jah Shaka to play the tune at the wrong speed (45rpm) on his world famous sound system - somewhat amusingly making Molara sound like mickey mouse ;-) Despite or maybe because of this the tune was a great hit on the sound system circuit and was reissued in 2004 on gold 7" vinyl as part of a red, gold and green reissue set (Root012).


Tracklist and Credits


Original 12" (Zion002)
Side A
1) Power Two - Zion Train
2) Dub To Power - Zion Train
Side B
1) Sound System Dub - Zion Train
2) Sea Bass Dub - Zion Train

Reissue 7" (Root013)
Side A
Power Two - Zion Train
Side B
Dub To Power - Zion Train