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Power Steppers

Power Steppers let their music and images to do the talking. Rooted in the Sound System scene in London but aware of hardcore underground music scenes world wide including techno, punk and noise, they endorse protest through music as well as other means!

Using bass and delay as their primary instruments of protest they build intense, minimal dubs, which hypnotise, en-trance and inspire. With musical inspirations ranging from Jah Shaka to Faust via Brain Ticket and Ash Ra Temple it can be seen why their sound is so distinctive and continues to develop at every new recording session.

The force behind the Power Steppers has never previously been involved in music. He is active in many other areas, including conservation, Eco-agriculture and primate research. These activities often take him to Africa and South America, hence interviews can only be carried out by email or fax.

He is keen to remove his personality from Power Steppers and so no name or personal details beyond those given here are to be revealed. This allows the music and images alone to carry the politicised message of the Power Steppers. Production is in the safe hands of Zion Train who state that the Power Stepper is "one of the strangest people it has ever been our pleasure to meet". He is also destined to spread his message throughout the world with the power of his music stepping into the future in a dubwise fashion.