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Extremadura are a constantly ebbing and flowing group of musicians, sound sculptors and experimenters, making deep, ethereal, worldbient grooves. Since their acclaimed 1996 debut CD 'Pulses' they have developed such that their current work is influenced by artists as diverse as Pierre Henry, Tortoise and Muslimgause.

Early recordings took the work of musicians from around the globe and wove them into an ambient dub soundscape. Recent material uses hard disk recording to allow jamming and freeform over the out-there Extremadura beats.

Extremadura were resident DJ's at seminal Bass Odyssey nights as they moved around the UK in the 90's and anyone lucky enough to be part of the Universal Egg Experience tour will certainly have enjoyed the unique sounds of the welcoming introduction to the night that Extremadura provided.

DJ sets include sounds from the natural world mixed with those of industry and world music from all 6 continents. A set at the Solipse, solar eclipse festival in Zambia 2001 saw Extremadura playing between Youth's Dub Trees project and Zulu band Umkhonto ka shaka.